Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I BELIEVE I already posted about my sister-in-law, Nancy, a couple years ago. Keep in mind I have known her since she married my brother about 43 years ago. All this time, she knew I was a sewer and quilter. Never once in all those years did she even say she liked quilts. My mom made her a couple quilts - but she didn't seem to me to be excited about them. One went missing for a few years and found out her son had taken it. Luckily not to use for the dogs! My brother is a retired firefighter with CALFIRE (we used to call it CDF) up in Ukiah in Mendocino county, northern California, and they have all their children and grandchildren up there.

Well, she called me up one day and asked if she could come down for a week or so. Oh, and by the way, would I teach her how to quilt! Quilt teachers LOVE to hear the words, "will you teach me how to quilt?" We live to hear those words! I've taught a lot of people to quilt, but I never had to live them while I did it. Needless to say, we both survived the experience, and she has actually asked to come back. She did have to ask me to take a time out once or twice (which I deserved - remember this is family), but we are still friends and I am proud to say she has excelled at this new hobby.

Recently, visiting one of our longtime friends in north, Northern California (Weed, CA), she mentioned she was learning to quilt. Our old friend (not old person, but old in time we have known her) immediately said, "Oh, I have a quilt my mom started. Can you finish it for me?"

WAIT!! Come back and I will have this story finished - and I will show you her finished quilts!

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