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Attached is the link to Superior's downloadable inventory lists for all your SUPERIOR THREADS!!
These are obviously for the truly anal thread lovers...and guess what? I have friends who sit and inventory every spool of thread they have! Sheez...I just go to my cabinet and hope and pray I haven't given the one I want away!  I hope the overly obsessive of you enjoy these spreadsheets and inventory lists! Personally, I want to have a WALL OF THREAD, don't you? I would like to sit down and sew and not have to worry about not having the right thread. Buy one or two spools a month I always say. No one can have too much thread! 

I highly recommend the new Magnifico, Fantastico, and Twist threads. Our class has been using them with wonderful success on many different machines, even one old Singer (but don't worry, she finally bought a new Pfaff! She said now she feels like she has been sewing on a covered wagon. What a difference a new machine makes.)

I also recommend the So Fine #40 variegated. It is a polyester that has many of the same colors as King Tut. If you are ever doubtful about what color thread to use on a particular quilt, So Fine #40 makes a great piecing thread. It is a 40 wt., but not too fat to piece with. 

You can use our inventory list to keep track of your personal thread supply, business inventory, or to plan for your next order.
In order to open the files, you will need software to open Microsoft Excel files or Adobe PDF files.

Download full file in XLS  (Separated by thread type)
Download full file in XLS  (All items together) (Revised April 2012)
Download full file in PDF

Individual Thread Lists
Note: If the XLS file appears too small, use your Zoom to adjust to a desired size.
XLS   PDF     Art Studio Colors
XLS   PDF     Bonded Nylon
XLS   PDF     Bottom Line
XLS   PDF     Color Cards
XLS   PDF     Fantastico
XLS   PDF     Glitter
XLS   PDF     Halo
XLS   PDF     Highlights
XLS   PDF     King Tut #1
XLS   PDF     King Tut #2
XLS   PDF     Living Colors
XLS   PDF     Magnifico
XLS   PDF     MasterPiece
XLS   PDF     MasterPiece Prewound Bobbins
XLS   PDF     Metallics
XLS   PDF     Misc. #1 (SunBurst, NiteLite, MonoPoly, Vanish, Charlotte's Fusible
                             Web, and Snippers)
XLS   PDF     Misc. #2 (Texture Magic, needles, Dissolve, Dissolve 4x, Handy Nets,
                             thread stands, Machingers gloves, and  thread storage)
XLS   PDF     Nature Colors
XLS   PDF     Poly Quilter
XLS   PDF     Polyarn
XLS   PDF     Quilters Silk
XLS   PDF     Rainbows
XLS   PDF     Razzle Dazzle
XLS   PDF     Silk Floss
XLS   PDF     Silk (Kimono Silk)  
XLS   PDF     Silk Ribbon
XLS   PDF     So Fine #30
XLS   PDF     So Fine #40
XLS   PDF     So Fine 50 #1
XLS   PDF     So Fine 50 #2
XLS   PDF     Solar Guard
XLS   PDF     SuperBOBs
XLS   PDF     Tiara Silk
XLS   PDF     Tire Silk #30
XLS   PDF     Tire Silk #50
XLS   PDF     Twist
XLS   PDF     Treasure

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