Lectures Offered

Lectures Offered:
v  Thrilling Threads is designed to first identify the threads we see every day, and how to use them. The information will excite, inform, and diversify everyone’s sewing and quilting. Very few sewers actually understand the vast nuances of thread.  In this one hour lecture, I will change how you view your quilt making, sewing, threads, and needles.  I guarantee everyone will leave with at least one “aha” moment, but probably more. I love to give out excellent up to date handouts to reinforce information and to provide a “reference” in case someone’s memory needs jogging.  – One hour

v  American Quilt History and Myths: Concise one-hour lecture on how we really began quilting in America.  Come join the walk through time and learn the truth about many myths and misconceptions about quilting we continue to hold dear – One hour.


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