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Thread Workshops available after lecture or adjoining day:

“THREAD PLAY” A Thread Journal Workshop: A MUST for all quilters! This class is a hands-on workshop which includes an innovative method developing a Thread Journal® to practice sample stitches and new threads. Practicing and using threads during Thread Play explains in detail the differences and relationships between sewing machine settings, needles, and threads. All quilters will learn to develop their own Thread Journal®. The act of actually using a variety of Specialty threads and creating the Thread Journal® for reference, helps the quilter diagnose and solve 95% (yes, 95%) of all problems faced with machines on a daily basis. I also share my years of knowledge of machine maintenance in a simple and understandable explanation of basic machine procedures and thread information, which all quilters should use, but don't really understand. This class will affect every item you sew and every quilt you make from this point on while learning how to tame those specialty threads we love to hate!.  – 2-3 hrs.

THRILLING THREADS PROJECT:  This workshop is designed to complement and reinforce the knowledge gleaned from the Thrilling Threads Lecture and skills from the Thread Play/Thread Journal workshop. The workshop is especially designed to be started and completed within 2-3 hrs. Each quilter will have fun putting into use multiple types of threads, and leave with a completed thread-intensive project. There are various “projects” to choose from, but the entire class must agree ahead of time to work on the same project. This project workshop incorporates many thread elements into the project which reinforces all the information learned and helps retain the skills learned. When scheduled, a list of all projects offered will be provided. I provide the complete kit including all supplies and thread. – 2-3 hours
I Hear and I forget –
                           I See and I understand –
I Do and I Remember!

Quilt Guild Lectures & Workshops:
Thrilling Threads Lecture: $300(includes handouts) plus travel.
Full day workshop includes Thread Play and a project or just a thread-intensive project without thread play.
     $35 per person (includes threads to be used)
Half day workshop includes Thread Play and small project
     $25 per person (includes threads and project kit)

I ALSO DO Quilt Shop Lectures & Workshops:
Lecture showcases thread carried by Shop. Lecture in a.m. and Workshop in p.m. - or lecture in a.m. and lecture in p.m. Contact me for prices.
Workshop Fee Includes Kit.
9:30-12: Thread Play  (focuses on thread carried by shop or Superior thread) Limited to 10 (6 minimum)
12-12:45 Lunch
12:45-3:30  Thrilling Threads Project: (includes complete project) Limited to 10(5 minimum)

2-3 HR PROJECTS TO CHOOSE FROM INCLUDE (Photos on Gallery Page):
Please contact me for Project Updates.
Thread Play Sampler: (sampler uses all specialty threads and specialty techniques)
Elephant Strip Bag: (so large you can put an elephant in it!)

Quilter’s Neck Purse (bobbin work & couching)Quilter’s Luggage Tag (couching & metallic)
Linear (straight line) Quilting: Adult coloring for the quilter.
Notebook Cover: Thread Painting the painless way!
Zippered Bag w/Texture Magic (includes couching)
Amazing Applique Comes Alive! (How to use decorative threads to enhance and enliven everyday applique)
Applique Wall-hanging (Invisible machine appliqué the new way & Texture Magic)
Fiber Art Bookmarks: learn to make your own fabric.

Shawnee Miller:

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